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About Us




Who We Are

Enterwise Technology developed from a strong working relationship of 20+ years, managing computing platforms in the large and medium enterprise.  We'd like to bring this broad experience and our positive working relationship to your small or mid-size business.

Our mission is to deliver enterprise level technology and thinking to your business or home office.

Our Experience

Jeff Strickland and Craig Davis have been a Windows Server team in the large and small business enterprise delivering over 150 Windows Server platforms supporting 4,000 client PCs .  Our broad experience, dedication to quality and reputation for delivering on-target solutions and on-the-spot customer service can strengthen and support your business or home office!

Our Personal Team Strengths

  •  Dedication to applying the most cost effective technology to the task

  •  Customer loyalty and integration of our team spirit with your organization as your employees

  •  Delivering practical solutions balanced with your needs, schedules, and budgets

Our Technical Strengths

  •  Effectively managing Windows servers and PCs in the small and mid-size business

  •  Evaluation, purchase and implementation of cost effective server and PC hardware

  •  Practical business contingency planning


  •  Windows Servers and PC platforms based on Dell/HP hardware and Microsoft software

  •  Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization for contingency planning and legacy server upgrades

  •  Switched and wireless networks

  •  Centralized multi-media backup systems

  •  Various VPN and remote-access methods and products