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Spring 2010 – Vol. 2

Technical news and tips for our great customers and friends

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Welcome to our Spring 2010-Vol. 2 newsletter!   We received such positive feedback from many of you, we thought we’d go for a 2nd Spring release.  Feel free to offer comments or suggestions for future content.  For those of you on FaceBook, please join us for more updates, news, posts and comments.

Regarding the Alexander Youth Network Luncheon on April 13, see our notes below.

Feel free to pass along to a friend or colleague who might need our help. 
Thanks for your support! –Jeff & Craig


Celebrating our Customers–20 Great Years and Counting! – 1990-2010


In reflecting on our customer base, I went back into the archives and discovered that I met many of you in 1990—20 years ago!  Lyerly Agency, Ex-Factory, and High Temperature Technologies  were all a part of my 90’s introductions.  Craig and I were teamed around 1995 and many of you met him soon after and the rest is history.


We’d like to give a big hand to ALL of you for putting us on the map.  You’ve believed in us from the beginning, and we look forward to many more years of a working partnership with you. –Jeff & Craig


For those of you newer customers, we are just as appreciative—you’re putting us on the map too!

Make sure you check out our “Spotlight on Customers” section and our happy customer list in the footer of our newsletters.


Feel free to ask us more about these and other great customers!




Lyerly Agency



Technology Spotlight:  Server Virtualization – What is it and why use it?


You may have heard mention of “server virtualization” in a WFAE radio spot or heard us mention it recently in passing.  So what is it?  Basically, virtualization is a means of running one or more servers on a single server.  Each server runs from a special hard disk file called a Virtual Hard Disk or VHD.  Virtualization allows multiple servers to run on a single server by creating a “generic” server environment which is non-specific to the server hardware.  By making the server “virtual” on VHD file, you remove the dependency on a specific model server such as Dell SC440, HP ML350, etc.  The benefit is this VHD virtual server file is totally portable, enabling us to take a working image of your system offsite, host on a different server, move it to better hardware, etc.  Additionally, you may run multiple servers on a single platform, saving power, and server hardware costs.  Development environments may run independently of production servers, and can co-exist on the same server.


In the event of server failure or disaster such as fire/flood, we are able load the VHD file on one of our spare servers or on a different server at your office! 


The portability of the VHD “entire server on file” means that your business can be safely transported offsite as a backup, loaded to a new system for improved performance, placed on a development server for testing new software or updates….the possibilities are endless.


What are the requirements?   (list pricing before discounts)

·                     A server with Intel server processor supporting VT (Virtualization Technology) - $750 and up.

·                     Windows 2008 R2 with Hyper-V: $800-$1000

·                     Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager: $500 (for conversion of older servers)

·                     Optional external SATA drive bay with SATA drive(s) for backup:  $150-$300 (size dependent)


Sounds expensive until you realize just how critical your servers are to your business:  email, project and customer files, photos and documentation, contact and corporate databases.


Any lower cost options?—Yes!  EwT has (2) Windows Hyper-V servers, which are available to be placed on your site temporarily.  For 3-4 hours labor per server and an expensive hard drive, we’ll convert your systems to VHD server files and hand you back a functional copy of your working server environment for your offsite location. 

Cost:  $650-$1,000 (depending on hard drive size required)


In the event of system failure, we’ll bring a working Hyper-V server to your office, recover the changed files from your last backup and host your system until your server can be serviced & repaired.  If you’re interested in “rolling your own” Microsoft Hyper-V Server environment, we can handle that too!

Feel free to ask us more about our Virtualization services, or have us evaluate your disaster plan.






2008 R2















Let us get a virtual  snapshot of your critical systems

… for REAL!


Free Consultations for New Business Customers

EwT has some open timeslots available for new business customers.   Feel free to forward this on to friends and business owners who might need our help.  We’ll give them an hour or so of promotional consulting time, and give you a credit for the referral on your next invoice.  More info...

Consultation inquiries welcomed!


FREE Time!

EwT TechTips:  New Windows 7 Features – Why leave good ‘ole XP?


As you know, Craig and I’ve been really excited about Windows 7 and the new features.  It makes old hardware run like new, and has new disaster recovery options to save us time and you money.  We’d like to outline some of these features and why they’re leaps above Windows XP, released in 2001.


Windows 7 New Key Features

·         New taskbar with “jump lists”, snap and preview: Pin your favorite documents to the programs on the taskbar at the bottom.  Then just right-click to access your favorites.  Also, you can start programs with the Windows key plus the number of the program left-to-right (1=explorer, 2=outlook, 3=word, 4=excel etc.)  Just drag your favorite programs to your favorite location along the bottom taskbar.  The “snap” feature allows you to drag a window to the left or right for a quick tiling of windows.  You can also see a “preview” of the open programs from the taskbar.

·         Backup and Disaster Recovery for your PC:  No need for expensive disk imaging backup tools like Ghost to save an entire copy of your computer—all the versions of Windows 7 come with the new Backup and Recovery center which makes imaging your computer to an external hard drive a snap.  Scheduled backups of critical files and folders are also much easier. 

Tip:  If you have Windows 7, Image your computer every 4-6 months if possible, in additional to your normal file backups in the event your computer’s hard drive fails.

·         Snappier and Faster Windows:  With a new faster core, Windows 7 makes ALL your software run faster than under Windows XP—even older applications!


Windows 7 minimum system requirements:  PC with 1Ghz processor and 1.5 GB RAM

Feel free to ask us more about how your business could benefit from the features of Windows 7.








Start a program

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For those attending the Alexander Youth Luncheon on Tue. April 13

·         Reminder to be at the Westin by 11:30-11:45am as the program begins at noon SHARP.

·         The Lynx light-rail stops at the Westin and is recommended since parking can take some time.

·         If you’re unable to attend, please try to send someone to fill your seat—thanks!

·         A tax deductible personal or corporate donation after the presentation is suggested, but not required.

·         We’ll be there around 11:15--table to be announced in a future email or just look for us!

Stay tuned the week before for any last minute announcements. We appreciate the support!

If you can’t attend the lunch, but would be interested in contributing to AYN, let us know—Thanks!



Celebrating the Kids Luncheon


Spotlight on Our Customers and Friends


EX-FACTORY is seller of new and used woodworking and metal machinery.  They market and sell world-wide using cost-effective email and website marketing.  EX-FACTORY was created in the early 1990’s with a “Machinery Yellow Pages” listing publication, where they would list and re-sell used woodworking machinery typically found in furniture manufacturing.  Their business has expanded to many other areas and now sells worldwide with multilingual sales staff in every corner of the globe. 

The company and its divisions are online with (8) websites, the principle site having over 8,000 detailed machine listings and an “online auction” website that is being recognized as one of the most intuitive online auction sites for industrial equipment

On an EwT technical note, Ex-Factory has 10-15 servers onsite, with their web servers located at a special hosting facility.  Remote sales staffs utilize a bank of Microsoft Terminal Servers for remote access to contact and equipment listing databases.


High Temperature Technologies serves the power industry in the boiler and steam production areas with specialized processes and procedures for reducing heat losses and thus improving plant efficiencies and reducing operating costs, and thus helping reduce your power bill.  HTT has two busy seasons with projects during the year:  spring and fall.  During these times, power plants shut down portions of their operations for maintenance.  HTT’s swat teams descend on customers such as Duke Power, stuffing special steel wool blanketing and high-temperature glue in an exclusively licensed process called “isomembrane”.  Note that HTT is owned and operated by the previous owners of Cost Effective Maintenance—the original company we were introduced to in 1990.

If you happen to have a small to large power plant in your back yard, you could probably use their help!

On an EwT technical note, HTT uses the Remote Desktop features of Windows 7 and XP to access their desktops directly when on the road, and their email is hosted externally at our webhost, 1and1.com

Feel free to ask us more about these and other great customers!

















Stay Tuned…

Future topics include Simple Disaster Planning for your business. 

We welcome your feedback for future topics, discussions, and tutorials!

Please pass this email along If you know someone who could use the tips or use our help.  Thanks!

About us:  Enterwise Technology is a small-business IT integrator servicing businesses who have no full-time IT staff.  We have part-time arrangements with our customers and join their teams to provide the effectiveness of full-time IT at a part-time cost.


Our Great Happy Customers

 Lyerly Agency – Advertising / Public Relations / Marketing – 33+ years of first-rate talent!

  EX-FACTORY - New & used woodworking machinery sales and support

  Alexander Youth Network - Giving hope and a future to troubled youth

  High Temperature Technologies – Improving power plant efficiency with specialized processes

And many others Pike’s Pharmacy Suncap Property Group Nicks Veterinary Clinic National Kidney Foundation NC NetSouth Regency Retirement Villageand our many personal friends!




many thanks!

-Jeff & Craig



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