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Spring 2010 – Vol. 3

Technical news and tips for our great customers and friends

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Welcome to our Spring 2010-Vol. 3 newsletter!   Feel free to offer comments or suggestions for future content.  For those of you on FaceBook, please join us for more updates, news, posts and comments.

Feel free to pass along to a friend or colleague who might need our help.  Thanks for your support! –Jeff & Craig


GREAT JOB!   Near $4,000 raised at the Alexander Youth luncheon

Our table of customers and dear friends raised nearly $4,000 for Alexander Youth Network!  We’d like to thank ALL our wonderful clients and friends who supported our table.  It was a great turn out for a super cause—GREAT job and many, many thanks to ALL of you!

With your continued interest, we’d like to do it again next year!



Celebrating the Kids Luncheon

Technology Spotlight:  Simple Disaster Recovery for your business - Why?

Today’s businesses are totally dependent on technology, and tightly integrated with the internet with websites, email, document and database systems, desktop & laptops, mobile phone technologies.

In the past, taking a set of mysterious backup tapes offsite was as good as it got—but today, there are many more options including portable hard drives, alternate internet connections, laptops with internet air-cards, and even wireless internet access from homes, neighbors, coffee shops and other businesses.

Business continuity planning questions:

·         Do you take backups offsite and periodically do a sample restore?

·         Do you have multiple forms of backups? (tape, hard drive, alternate location)

·         Do you employ disaster backups such as server virtualization with offsite backup for near instant systems recovery for any disaster scenario?

·         Could your business work from an alternate location given internet access and a small number of interconnected PCs?

·         Does your business have a combination of onsite and offsite servers available for recovery or is a portion of your business hosted?

·         Do you have alternate email communications (even Hotmail, Roadrunner, Gmail, etc.?)

·         Do you have a documented business contingency process for various disaster scenarios including fire, flood, long-term power outage,

If you answered YES to these questions, you have an IT disaster recovery plan—if not, you might need to give some thought to how your business would operate in an emergency situation.

Tip:  You might consider a simple agreement with a partner’s business in your area to act as a disaster location for your operation if they have a few spare offices and good internet connectivity.

Feel free to have us review disaster recovery and contingency plans for your business.







Have us evaluate disaster and continuity plans for your business.



Free Consultations for New Business Customers

EwT has some open timeslots available for new business customers.   Feel free to forward this on to friends and business owners who might need our help.  We’ll give them an hour or so of promotional consulting time, and give you a credit for the referral on your next invoice.  More info...

Consultation inquiries welcomed!


FREE Time!

The Lighter Side…

·         A picture is worth a 1,000 words, but takes up 1,000 times the disk and memory.

·         Double your drive space--delete Windows!

·         The shortest drive between two points is through construction zones.

Donkey Laughing Hysterically

EwT TechTips:  Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Any of you been around to remember Microsoft Word or WordPerfect for DOS?  Commands were built around keyboard sequences such as ESC-Transfer-Save or CTRL+F8 to do various functions.  While the Windows environments gave us buttons and pull-down menus to accomplish these tasks, many of the old shortcuts are still there.  Even simple keyboarding functions such as CTRL+S for “Save” can save many “miles of mousing” up to the top of the screen to perform a basic function.

Jeff’s personal favorites are CTRL+S (Save—do this OFTEN), CTRL+O (Open), and CTRL+Z (undo).

Below is a shortlist of our other favorites:

MS Office Apps

·         File Open /New File /Save /Print = CTRL+O / N / S / P  (first letter: Open, New, Save, Print)

·         Formatting:  Bold/Italic/Underline/Normal = CTRL+ B / I / U / (spacebar)

·         Undo last / Redo last = CTRL+Z / CTRL+Y

·         Cut/Copy/Paste = select w/mouse or SHIFT-arrow, then CTRL+X (cut) CTRL+C /V (copy/paste)

·         MS Word:  Go top/bottom of document:  CTRL+Home / CTRL+End

·         Office 2007 applications:  ALT  (starts menu/ribbon and displays shortcut key option)

Windows & Internet Explorer

·         Internet Explorer:    JumpScreen=SPACEBAR

·         Windows Desktop:  Program select/open=select first letter of the icon and ENTER

Want more?  Press F1 or select (?) in your application and search for “keyboard” or “shortcuts”.



Share your favorite keyboard shortcuts and we’ll feature them in our next issue!





Start a Win7 app on the taskbar



See full size image+icon#

Spotlight on Our Customers and Friends

Our great friend Dick Sesler moved here in the late 90’s from Dallas Texas, where Dick worked with Faison and later worked with the Guggenheims.He is now recently retired, but is actively using his excellent leadership skills and actively involved with many non-profit agencies.

Dick has recently created Camp Blue Skies for adults with developmental disabilities. 

His first session is this fall in Boomer NC at Camp Harrison, the Charlotte YMCA camp, and is currently recruiting for volunteers in the fall!   

Please let us know if you’re interested in volunteering or would like to make a monetary or other contribution to this great cause.

Feel free to ask us more about our other fine friends and customers.



Camp Blue Skies

What’s for Lunch?  Times Square Deli at Woodlawn LYNX – Open for Business!    (Note:  Duane closed up as of 8/2010--we hate to see you go!)

Craig and I really enjoyed our friend Barrett Wade’s Quizno’s at Selwyn & Park.  When it closed, we met Barrett’s new friend Duane Cook who ran the “Q” across from Woodlawn LYNX on old Pineville Rd.  He has re-opened as Times Square Deli in much the same soup-sandwich format with higher quality ingredients.  He will accept the old “Q” coupons (except BOGO) and also does catering trays.  He features daily specials such as $5 foot long subs.  Duane’s a great guy—drop by and have lunch soon!

Bring a printout of this page and Duane will discount your next sandwich purchase!


Try Lunch at

the new

Times Square Deli

At Woodlawn LYNX


CLOSED 8/2010

Stay Tuned…

Future topics include More Disaster/Business Continuity Planning & New  Windows Server Technologies available for your business.

We welcome your feedback for future topics, discussions, and tutorials!

Please pass this email along If you know someone who could use the tips or use our help.  Thanks!

About us:  Enterwise Technology is a small-business IT integrator servicing businesses that have no full-time IT staff.  We have part-time arrangements with our customers and join their teams to provide the effectiveness of full-time IT at a part-time cost.


Our Great Happy Customers

 Lyerly Agency – Advertising / Public Relations / Marketing – 33+ years of first-rate talent!

  Ex-Factory - New & used woodworking machinery sales and support

  Alexander Youth Network - Giving hope and a future to troubled youth

  High Temperature Technologies – Improving power plant efficiency with specialized processes

And many others LGA Agency Pike’s Pharmacy Suncap Property Group Nicks Veterinary Clinic National Kidney Foundation NC NetSouth Regency Retirement Villageand our many personal friends!



a lifetime of



-Jeff & Craig


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