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Summer 2010 – Vol. 4

Technical news and tips for our great customers and friends

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Welcome to our Summer 2010-Vol. 4 newsletter!   Feel free to offer comments or suggestions for future content.  For those of you on FaceBook, join us for more updates, news, posts and comments.

Let us know what you think of our “Personal Tips” and “What’s for Lunch” sections.

Feel free to pass along to a friend or colleague who might need our help.  Thanks for your support! –Jeff & Craig


Just in time for summer reading – price drops on B&N Nook & Amazon Kindle

For those of you avid readers out there now may be the time to start thinking about the book readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.  We’ve enjoyed collecting a virtual library over 100 books, and many Classics are FREE.  Every Friday, B&N gives away a free book or 2 for the Nook, free Classics, and there is now a reader-client for the PC, iPad, Apple & Android phones. 

Also, as of this writing there is a new lower priced Kindle from Amazon.

Give us a shout if you have any questions about our personal experiences with the Nook!


9875424 Front Detail

The B&N Nook

Fall Timeslots Available with Free Consultations for New Prospects!

We have some open and available timeslots in the fall for new business customers.  
Feel free to forward this on to friends and business owners who might need our help.  We’ll give them an hour or so of promotional consulting time, and give you a credit for the referral on your next invoice.  More info...

Consultation inquiries welcomed!


FREE Time for new prospects!

Technology Spotlight:  Easy automatic backups with Windows 7

By now, most of our clients know of our enthusiasm over Windows 7.  Microsoft has done such a top-notch job in making the product efficient, fast and stable, and including so many useful utilities.  The backup features including image based backup are second-to-none and eliminate any need for 3rd party software to protect your information.  In previous issues, we’ve discussed “image backups”, which is a complete working image of your computer’s hard drive that would allow you to recover your system completely with a recovery CD/DVD and an external pocket or desktop backup hard drive.


But what if you simply want to recover a single file?  Windows 7 has a new special feature which allows you to schedule automatic backups of the “my documents” folders and send them to a USB memory stick, SD card (on laptops) or pocket/external hard drive---even a blank DVD-RW drive!  Additionally, the backups are integrated in the “previous versions” file menu, allowing you to recover a previous version of a file by simply right-clicking it, and selecting the previous versions option.


To setup backup, make sure you have a USB memory stick, (SD memory card are handy for laptops with those slots), or a pocket/external hard drive.  If your computer has a DVD writer, you may obtain some rewriteable DVD (DVD-RW/DVD+RW) disks to perform the backup.  Any of these items are available at an office supply store, BestBuy, or Target.


Creating an automatic backup in Windows 7

Insert your backup media and then perform the following steps:

1.     Press the Windows 7 start button (lower left) and type “backup” and select “Backup and Restore”, or select Backup/Restore from the Maintenance folder.

2.     Select “Setup backup” and then select your backup device drive letter (typically E:, F:, G:…)

3.     If using large external hard drive, you may select “Let windows choose…”, otherwise select “Let me choose…” and Uncheck the box for “include system image”.  Excluding the system image will make the backup faster and smaller for memory sticks or DVD media.

4.     You may then select a schedule:   Daily, Monthly or Weekly and the time—or you may run a one-time backup.


Restoring a file from backup

To restore a deleted file, simply run the Backup/Restore utility to select the restore/recover option.  If you need a previous version, simply locate the file, right-click, and select “Previous versions”… you will be prompted to select the desired backup media by date.

Other tips:

·         Make sure to leave your backup media installed the day/time of the backup.

·         If you have CRITICAL data, it is strongly recommended you have a second set of media and take the backup OFFSITE, store with a trusted friend, or place in a fire-safe or safety deposit box.

·         A FULL IMAGE backup of your computer is still recommended every 6-12 months in the event of hard drive failure (more frequently if you have added programs or changed settings).

While setting up the automatic backup sounds involved, it’s nearly as quick as reading this article and will give you some peace of mind in protecting your pictures and other important documents.

Feel free to have us review your personal backup plan—and feel free to share yours with us!









Backups of your personal documents are important! 

Make sure you have personal backup plan.



TOSHIBA Canvio 500GB 2.5" Liquid Blue Portable Hard Drive 

Pocket-sized hard drives are ideal for full backups of your desktop and laptop computers

We’ll be glad to help you select one and get you on a good backup plan!

EwT TechTips:  Hey—my computer is acting up…System Restore to the rescue!

If you’ve ever installed new hardware or software and noticed your PC or laptop freezing or not acting right…don’t panic.  If you are running Windows XP or later, System Restore can be your ally.  System Restore is located under Accessories-System Tools and allows you to restore your system to a prior date, leaving your documents and personal files intact.  Prior to installing a new hardware/software, you may create a system restore point beforehand.  If you see no restore points, make sure System Restore is enabled by opening My Computer, and right-click properties on the C: drive and review the settings in System Protection / System Restore tab.  You may also free disk space by reducing the size of the space allocated to system restore—500MB to 1GB is a recommended minimum.

Feel free to ask us how to make sure System Restore is properly configured on your system.


System Restore can restore your computer to a previous date without changing your personal files


The Lighter Side…

·         What does the nuclear scientist have for lunch?  Fission chips.

·         When you dream in color, it’s a pigment of your imagination.

·         Food for thought:  Jeff realized his Panasonic microwave is 25 years old and he’s never replaced the bulb.  Hmmmmm….

Donkey Laughing Hysterically

Spotlight on Our Customers and Friends

Pike’s Pharmacy is a great local family owned pharmacy with roots in the Charlotte area for many generations.  Jesse Pike, Jr. is a 3rd generation pharmacist with over 30 years of service.  His daughter Jennifer is following close at his heels as a pharmacist, overseeing the operations and continuity of the family business.  Jennifer is also certified to do veterinarian compounding.

Pike’s Pharmacy is at 2133 Shamrock Drive near The Plaza, just a short trip through uptown.

Feel free to ask us more about our other fine friends and customers.

“…we’re family”


Pikes Pharmacy on Shamrock Drive


What’s for Lunch?  Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria!

Since a customer took us to lunch, Craig and I have enjoyed visiting this great wood-fired pizza buffet.  For less than $8 (includes the drink and salad), you can’t beat the price or quality!

Sometime in the fall, the owner Jeff expects to sell their ONE MILLIONTH pizza. 

A contest is anticipated to guess the date and win a pizza dinner. 

Tell Jeff at Luisas you read it here!

Visit Luisa’s Pizza on Montford and ask Jeff Russell about the contest!

Try Luisa’s on Montford!

Personal Life-Tips from Jeff & Craig…

·         Jeff loves the super deal of lifetime tire rotations and balance from Walmart at $30—no matter where you got the tires!  They have a great car battery policy too.

·         During Sunday breakfast, save the 75c and $1+ coupons into a folder.  When you see the triple or super-double coupons offer from your HT email, get shopping
Match the weekly ad and stock up on cleaning supplies and toiletries like toothpaste and deodorant which don’t go bad.  You can save $50-$100 on a weekend…easier than Vegas!

·         Jeff and Craig love www.hotdealsclub.com  for deals.  Craig uses www.bensbargains.com too!

Disclaimer:  We don’t have an attorney review these, so don’t hold us to it!   Tell us your story.



Stay Tuned…

Future topics include New Windows Server Technologies available for your business.

We welcome your feedback for future topics, discussions, and tutorials!

Please pass this email along If you know someone who could use the tips or use our help.  Thanks!

About us:  Enterwise Technology is a small-business IT integrator servicing businesses that have no full-time IT staff.  We have part-time arrangements with our customers and join their teams to provide the effectiveness of full-time IT at a part-time cost.


Our Great Happy Customers

 Lyerly Agency – Advertising / Public Relations / Marketing – 33+ years of first-rate talent!

  Ex-Factory - New & used woodworking machinery sales and support

  Alexander Youth Network - Giving hope and a future to troubled youth

  High Temperature Technologies – Improving power plant efficiency with specialized processes

And many others LGA Agency Pike’s Pharmacy Suncap Property Group Nicks Veterinary Clinic National Kidney Foundation NC NetSouth Regency Retirement Villageand our many personal friends!


Again from our hearts …

a lifetime of



-Jeff & Craig


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