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Winter 2011 – Vol. 5

Technical news and tips for our great customers and friends

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Welcome to our Winter 2011 - Vol. 5 newsletter!   Feel free to offer comments or suggestions for future content.  For those of you on FaceBook, join us for more updates, news, posts and comments.

Let us know what you think of our “Personal Tips” and “What’s for Lunch” sections.

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Happy New Year and prosperous wishes for 2011!

We’d like to take a moment to wish all our customers a prosperous New Year.  We’re hearing from some of our customers that some business sectors are heating up and we’re excited to be there for you in your IT area.

2011 Timeslots available with free consultations for new prospects!

We have some open and available timeslots for new business customers.  
Feel free to forward this on to friends and business owners who might need our help.  We’ll give them an hour or so of promotional consulting time, and give you a credit for the referral on your next invoice.  In 2011, IT business automation is key focus to move your business ahead of the economic curve!

Consultation inquiries welcomed!   More info...


Move your IT ahead of the economic curve!

Spotlight:  Why reactive “break-fix” isn’t a good plan for your IT …

A few years ago, Craig and I had an opportunity to visit a new potential customer who was looking to move away from a reactive or “break-fix” IT environment.  In visiting the customer, we began reviewing the health of their Microsoft Exchange server used for email.  To our shock, the system was nearly full with over 20GB of extraneous log files since Exchange had not been backing up properly due to a corrupted public folder database.  We quickly repaired the public folder database, ran an NTBackup which cleared the log files, freeing up valuable disk space, thus getting a good email backup.  We took another backup and pulled it offsite just for good measure!


In this case, a failure of any server component – hardware or software – would have resulted in a total loss of email and potentially unrecoverable files on the server, with the only valid backup tape from 9 months prior to the disaster.  We call this type of IT “break-fix” in that the business would have called with a down server which was broken, but without a proper exchange backup there might NOT have been a fix! 


If this customer had initially engaged proactive IT, the Exchange logs and backups would have been monitored and a potential disaster averted completely.  As advanced as computer systems have become, none of them are “set-and-forget”, and the new “anonymous Cloud computing” model has us very nervous (a future article is forthcoming on this topic).


If your business runs in a “it’s broke, come and fix it” mode , we highly recommend having us do a contingency/disaster planning review session with you to determine your plan for recovery of key functions of your business in the event of fire, flood or electronic mishap.  Monthly or bi-monthly visits are a bare-minimum step in moving from “emergency” mode IT.

Feel free to have us review your IT plan in 2011 and move forward and away from “break-fix” IT





2011 resolution:

Move away from break-fix IT…

Be proactive not reactive!

EwT TechTips:  Resolution for 2011 – Personal Backup Plan

Over the last several issues, you’ve heard us harp on the importance of backups, yet several folks we’ve talked with in the last few months have had some recent experience with losing a laptop or desktop hard drive.  In rebuilding some desktops and laptops for friends, we’ve been asked to “…please save my pictures off first…I don’t have them anywhere else!”   Given all the inexpensive home technology such as sub-$10 memory sticks, $50-$75 pocket hard drives and even free online backup services, there’s no reason to continue unprotected.  We’ve compiled a list of backup tips below, and hope you’ll review your personal backup plan in 2011.

·         2-4GB USB flash drives are only $5-$15, and some can be secured with a password.  (Ironically, a $5 memory stick is like a $2,000 box of 2,000 floppy disks from 15-20 years ago.)

·         Pocket hard drives in 320GB and up capacities are available for $50-$100 from local office stores, Amazon, and Newegg.  You can use Windows 7 image backup to get a complete working image of your computer(s) and have space left-over for incidental photo and document backups.

·         Windows Live/Hotmail accounts now come with 25GB of totally FREE SkyDrive storage

·         IBackup, IDrive and other online services offer free and automatic services for a small monthly charge for busy folks who need a “set and forget” solution.  (Note: your PC may need to be left on for automatic online backup)

·         Regardless of what you use, periodically look on your backup drive to make sure your files are current AND accessible.  As you know, Craig and I have seen many a backup tape or drive with inaccessible data or no data at all on it.

·         Windows 7, Vista, and even old XP have backup programs included.  Some pocket hard drives include a software solution you install on your computer.

·         Visit our newsletters section for previous instructions on how to create an image backup, using copy/paste and “send-to” copy methods to USB flash drives.

·         Keep critical backup sets offsite in a lockbox, or even fire safes of trusted friends or relatives. Again, if you’re concerned about privacy, ask your store for a drive with “password” or security options.  Windows 7 Ultimate offers Bitlocker encryption so you can limit data recovery to your PC only.

·         A 2nd email account (Gmail, Hotmail / Livemail) can be useful to forward low-security risk files there as a backup, like this newsletter!

·         What do we use? – ALL of them!  We zip our accounting backups and store on Hotmail Skydrive and even restore to spare computers.  Windows 7 images are stored on offsite pocket hard drives and we also use USB flash drives for incidentals.

Feel free to ask us about a personal backup plan to make sure your bases are covered!




Our motto:

You can NEVER have enough backups…

In EVERY possible form


Toshiba Canvio Plus USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive E05A050CAU2XK

Toshiba Canvio 320GB at Amazon

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Spotlight on Our Customers and Friends

EwT welcomes MH Leonard Consulting Engineers to our family.  The business is owned by a spirited team, Mike and Ann Leonard, who were previous employees of Boeing in Seattle.  Their business began in construction for many years and now their firm focuses on design, structural inspections, and investigations.  They are now celebrating 25 years and over 8,000 framing and structural examinations.

Feel free to ask us more about our other fine friends and customers…




The Lighter Side…

·         Outside a dress shop, Hong Kong: Ladies Have Fits Upstairs

·         New Windows Error Message


·         Do molecular biologists wear designer genes?

·         On Moscow hotel door: If this is your first visit to the USSR, you are welcome to it…



Donkey Laughing Hysterically


Just for grins…

What’s for Lunch?  Let’s go to Qdoba!

Craig and I often find ourselves in the Park Rd Shopping Center area, and when we do, it’s a toss-up between Luisa’s Pizza (featured in our last issue) and Qdoba located at Park Towne Village center.  Qdoba offers Mexican entrees such as burritos, wraps, and soups, all prepared fresh and healthy.  Vegetarian options are also available.  If you’re on their email list, they have rainy day BOGO offers!

Visit Qdoba at Park Rd Shopping (near Total Wine) and tell “Phill at the Grill” we sent you !


…at Park Town Village

Personal Life - Tips from Jeff & Craig…

Jeff’s Bad-A#% Glass Cleaner – So many of you have asked about Jeff’s famous “Bad-A%#” glass cleaner, which is really just a slightly modified version of Consumer Reports formulation.  While browsing through an old hardware store in Saluda a few years ago, I came across Parson’s Ammonia for Glass and Chrome (tinted blue).  Instead of mixing the cleaner into large gallon jugs which take up lots of space, I make it as a concentrate and add the water when I need a refill.  I store a quart of the concentrate beneath the sink in a quart alcohol bottle and then use ½ cup plus enough water to fill a spray bottle.  If washing windows outside, a good stiff pour into a ½ bucket of hot water works great with a sponge/squeegee on an extension.

Glass Concentrate:  Into a 2 quart or more jug:  1 quart isopropyl alcohol, 1 cup Parson’s Glass/Chrome ammonia, 4 tsp Dawn (about 4 squirts), green or blue food coloring (optional)
To Use:  ½ cup concentrate and water to fill a spray bottle


CAUTION:   This is STRONG smelling stuff and will wake anyone from a dead sleep—maybe even the dead. Keep out of the reach of children as you would ANY household cleaning product.

Disclaimer #2:  We don’t have an attorney review these, so don’t hold us to it!



Let us know if you have any suggestions for our personal tips column

Stay Tuned…

Future topics include New Windows Server Technologies available for your business and our prediction of the future of the “good and bad” of Cloud Computing and safer alternatives.

We welcome your feedback for future topics, discussions, and tutorials!

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About us:  Enterwise Technology is a small-business IT integrator servicing primarily businesses that have no full-time or high-level analytical IT staff.  We have part-time arrangements with our customers and join their teams to provide the effectiveness of full-time IT and higher level systems work at a part-time cost.


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And many others MH Leonard Engineering LGA Agency Pike’s Pharmacy Suncap Property Group Nicks Veterinary Clinic National Kidney Foundation NC NetSouth Regency Retirement Villageand our many personal friends!


Again from our hearts …

a lifetime of


-Jeff & Craig


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