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All about the EwT Backup Drive...(continued)

In your hands is a MIGHTY clever backup device....
Different from the ordinary USB backup drive, this device has password protection, automatic McAfee virus scanning and other features based on U3 Smart Technology

Suggested uses:

  •  Backup "My Documents" and other important files safely with password protection

  •  Save critical software install files for installation to other computers

  •  Save web favorites,  remote desktop and other access settings

  •  Scan other computers using the built-in McAfee Anti-Virus Scanner


  •  Gently pull the cap from the drive insert into an available USB port.  We can recommend a USB extension cable for convenient placement on your desk.

  •  You should see the U3 icon appear in the lower right system tray.

  •  After opening the U3 Launchpad, open the "Enable Security" and key in a password.

  •  You may then "Explore" the U3 drive, drag and drop or normal Windows copy/paste functions to backup files to the EwT backup drive.

  •  When you are done, select the EJECT button on the U3 Launchpad and wait a few seconds before removing your drive.