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Emergency Procedures

  •  If Internet access is down (no email or Internet), please contact your provider (i.e. Road Runner)

  •  If email is down, but Internet is up, attempt to restart your server as you would your PC (administrator account password is required.  Restart utility may be located in the utilities folder on desktop or from command prompt: shutdown /r)

  •  If your server is down (won't turn on), please check the following items in order:  outlet circuit breaker, UPS (plug server direct into outlet).  If server is still not functioning with any lights, the power supply is the most likely cause.  Contact HP or Dell for emergency service (contacts below).

  •  If internet or inside network is down or partially inoperative, reset (power off and on) the following in order:  RoadRunner router, Local cable or wireless router, network switches).

  •  If power is out to a device, make sure and check the circuit breaker or check the outlet.

Vendor Contacts

  •  Road Runner Biz Class http://help.rr.com 1- 877-892-2220  (residential RR: (704) 377-9600)
    (Customer Service - Wendy: 378-2565)

  •  HP Service www.hp.com or (800) 354-9000
    (4,4,3,2 for server support, or listen to current prompts)

  •  Dell Service www.dell.com (888) 560-8324 (sales: 800-274-3355)

Client Equipment Notes
HP Server model:  Proliant ML350 serial number:  MV03LK8933

HTT:       Dell Server Model:  PowerEdge 800  service tag 69RQR71  Express service code:  13651487533

Alternate IT Contacts (regular schedule)

Jeff Strickland    H:332-8424 (jeff @ enterwisetechnology.com)
Craig Davis        H:398-3172 (craig @ enterwisetechnology.com)

Mark Wertz:        O:449-6481 (mark @ netsouth.us)